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An Extremely Abbreviated Six-Session Yoga

(1998 Published Translation)

(Thun-drug-gi rnal-'byor mdor-bsdus-pa)
by dNgul-chu Dharmabhadra

Originally published as part of
Berzin, Alexander (transl.). Kalachakra and Other Six-Session Yoga Texts.
Ithaca, Snow Lion, 1998.

Order this book directly from Snow Lion Publications.

From my gurus and the Three Precious Gems,
     I take safe direction.
With myself clear as a deity, holding vajra and bell,
     I present you with offerings.
Upholding the teachings of sutra and tantra, I restrain myself
     from a wide array of faulty deeds.
Amassing within all constructive measures, I benefit beings
     through the four types of giving.