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A Full Integrated Practice for Six Sessions

(1985 Translation)

(Thun-drug-gi rnal-'byor rgyas-pa)
by The First Panchen Lama (Pan-chen Blo-bzang chos-kyi rgyal-mtshan)
expanded by Pabongka Rinpoche
(Pha-bong-kha Byams-pa bstan-'dzin 'phrin-las rgya-mtsho)

translated by Alexander Berzin, 1985


All the way to total purified growth, I take safe direction
From the Clear Evolved, his preventive measures
   and the highest assembly.
By the positive potential from all that I do, such as giving and so on,
May I actualize a clear evolved state in order to benefit
   wandering beings.

May all limited beings be parted from aversion and clinging,
   feeling close to some and distant from others;
May they gain the happiness that is specially sublime;
May they be freed from the ocean of their unbearable problems;
May they never be parted from liberation's pure bliss.

From this moment on, all the way to my full clear evolvement,
May I uphold, without ever giving it up, though my life be at stake,
A heart that wishes to attain full purified growth, in order to free
From the terrors of compulsive existence and a serenely stilled apathy
   all wandering beings.

Sublime teachers, triumphant ones and your spiritual offspring,
   please pay me heed:
Just as the blissfully progressed of the past have expanded
Their enlightening hearts to all others and to purified growth,
Then lived, by stages, according to the training of the spiritual heroes
   expanding their hearts,
So may I too, to help those who wander, expand my heart out
And train by stages in the training of the spiritual heroes expanding their hearts.

At this moment my life has become truly fruitful,
For having well-attained a human existence,
Today I have been born into the clear evolved family
And have become now a spiritual child of the clear evolved.

Now in whatever way possible I shall act
In accordance with the traits of this family,
Never causing disgrace
To this noble family that lacks any fault.

In the sky before me, on a throne of jewels that captivates the mind,
On top of a lotus and the symbolic discs of a sun and full moon,
Sits my root sublime teacher, Vajradhara, Holder of the Diamond-Strong,
   ruler of the all-pervasive.
With a blue-colored body, one face and two arms,
   holding scepter and bell,
You embrace your motherly partner, a replica of you.
Blazing with the brilliance of the marks and features,
You are bedecked with copious jeweled ornaments
And draped with fine garments of enchanting, heavenly cloth.
Even the mere remembrance of you dispels all my torment.
By nature, an amalgam of all supreme sources of direction, barring none,
You sit cross-legged: the three spots of your body are marked
   with three letters.
The light from the HUM invites here from his natural abode
The sublime teacher, Holder of the Diamond-Strong.
Ja: Hum Bam Ho:, you become non-dual.

I bow at your lotus-feet, O my jewel-like teacher,
Possessor of the Diamond-Strong.
In a very instant your kindness causes
A great blissful awareness itself to dawn.

Om – I prostrate to you who overcame and gained all, with the wealth
   and control of the heroes – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you whose light equals the fire that ends a great eon -
   Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who have a crown on top of your knotted hair
   that is inexhaustible – Hum Hum Phat.
Om – to you with bared fangs and a fearsome face - Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you with a thousand arms and blazing rays of light – Hum Hum Phat.
Om – to you who hold an axe, a lasso of a hooded one, a spear
   and a khatvanga – a symbolic couch-leg staff – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who have the skin of a tiger that you take as your clothes -
   Hum Hum Phat.
Om - I bow to you whose great smoke-colored body
   brings interferences to an end – Hum Hum Phat.
Om – I prostrate to you, the Lady Who Overcame,
   Gained and Transcended All,
   Vajra-varahi, Diamond-Strong Sow – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you, highly realized lady, with the wealth and control
   of the ladies of awareness, over whom the three realms
   cannot gain the victory – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who, with the most diamond-strong,
   destroy all fears of elemental forces – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who, remaining in the seat of the diamond-strong,
   have the eye that gives you the power
   not to be overcome by anything other – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who, as the inner fiery lass of tummo in a wrathful body,
     can desiccate Brahma, the Fastidious First – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who terrify and dry up demonic forces and thus can triumph
   over the side of anything other – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - to you who triumph over all that can make you biting, stiff
   or bewildered – Hum Hum Phat.
Om - I bow to you, Diamond-Strong Sow, integrated lady
   with power over the desires – Hum Hum Phat.

All the things I possess and what is not mine,
What I have actually arrayed and what I create from my mind -
I present you with an ocean-like cloud of these various offerings,
Outer, inner and enigmatic.

The body, speech and mind of myself and others, what we enjoy
And the bountiful store of our constructive acts of the three times,
An excellent round symbol and an array
Of the Totally Excellent One's offerings -
I take these to mind and present them to you, my sublime teacher,
My personal deity, my three rare supreme gems.
Accepting these with your compassionate, sympathetic heart,
Bestow on me waves of inspiration.
Guru idam ratna mandalalakam nirya-tayami.

I make my requests to you, O my precious and sublime teacher,
Who, in a play of saffron robes, enacts the triumphant ones'
   enlightening deeds in countless realms,
Just as the blissfully progressed of the three times
   and ten directions have done,
Taming whomever, without an exception.

I make my requests to you, O my precious and sublime teacher,
Esteemed by the Holder of the Diamond-Strong, for the thoughts
   of those of meager minds,
As a bountiful field more especially holy
Than the infinite triumphant ones' endless circles.

Every supreme and mundane actual attainment follows upon
Pure heartfelt commitment to you, guiding light.
Seeing this, I forsake my body and even my life;
Inspire me to practice what only will please you.


Requested like this, my supreme sublime teacher
Comes to the crown of my head.
Samaja: – we merge.

Gladly he becomes once more of one taste with me.

With the self-esteem of a Vajrasattva, a Spiritual Hero
   with Diamond-Strong Mind,
I hold what stand as symbols for the enigmatic diamond-strong scepter
   a great co-arising blissful awareness -
And the enigmatic ghanta bell
   the natural state of being parted from fantasy -
And embrace a Bhagavati, a Lady Who Overcame and Gained All.

From this moment on, without sense of loss, I shall give
Of my body and likewise whatever I enjoy,
And the bountiful store of constructive deeds I have amassed
   throughout the three times,
In order to help all limited beings, who have all been my mothers.

[Reaffirm one's pratimoksha vows for individual liberation.
For instance, for full monks:]

From the five classes of downfall from liberation:
The four total defeats, the thirteen remaining defeats,
The thirty downfalls of relinquishment, the ninety downfalls alone,
The four to be openly admitted to individually,
The hundred and twelve faulty actions,
And further the downfalls abbreviated by the foundation and so on -
I shall rid myself of all these.

Praising myself and belittling others;
Not sharing the preventive measures or my wealth;
Not listening even if there is an apology;
Getting rid of the vast vehicle of mind;
Appropriating the property of the rare, supreme gems;
Getting rid of preventive measures;
Stealing from the saffron-clad;
The five with non-deferrable consequences;
Distorted, antagonistic thinking;
Destroying towns and so forth;
Indicating a total absence to those untrained;
Turning others from total purification;
Causing others to get rid of what is for their own liberation;
Belittling what is for the listeners;
Deceivingly claiming about the profound;
Accepting property stolen from the three supreme gems;
Wrongly penalizing;
And giving up on expanding my heart -
I shall safeguard against these eighteen root downfalls for which
Of the totally binding factors of not seeing it as detrimental,
Not turning from the wish to act like that again,
Being happy and pleased about it,
And having no sense of self-honor or consideration
for how it reflects on those I respect,
Sixteen require all to be complete, while this is not needed
   for the other two:
Distorted, antagonistic thinking and tossing away expanding my heart.

Despising or belittling my sublime teacher;
Picking fault in things in which I need to train;
Criticizing my spiritual brothers or sisters;
Ridding myself of loving concern;
Giving up on aspiring with and involving my heart;
Belittling the measures of the themes or for mind-protection;
Disclosing the enigmatic to those not ripe;
Mistreating my own aggregate factors;
Neglecting the total absence;
Committing myself to intimate friendship with those who are harmful;
No longer being mindful of the outlook of reality;
Causing the minds of those with faith to become put off;
Not committing myself to what will bond me close
And belittling women -
I shall safeguard against these fourteen root downfalls
   at the cost of my life.

I shall rid myself of the four branch roots, alcohol
   and what should not be done;
And commit myself wholeheartedly to my holy guiding light;
Respect and serve my spiritual friends;
Keep guard for the ten constructive acts;
Rid myself of causes for withdrawing from a vast vehicle of mind;
As well as despising it or stepping on (what I should not) -
I shall safeguard, without an exception, all these close bonds.

Committing myself to a sealing partner who does not possess
   the qualifications;
Absorbing myself in a balanced union parted from the three recognitions;
Showing enigmatic items to improper vessels;
Fighting or arguing at a round of bountiful offerings;
Giving false answers to questions asked by those with faith;
Staying seven days amongst the listeners;
Boasting of being an integrated practitioner
   even when I am not perfectly such;
Indicating a hallowed measure to someone without any faith in it;
Entering upon the actions of a deity's symbolic world without the proper
   qualifications of a prior approximation and so forth;
Transgressing, when there is no need, the training for
   my own liberation or expanding my heart;
Acting counter to the ways of Fifty Stanzas on the Sublime Teacher -
I shall safeguard also against these thick types of actions,
   in a proper manner.

I shall never belittle behavior using my left
  and shall always make offerings;
Rid myself of absorbing into a balanced union with someone unqualified;
Never part myself from the outlook of reality while in union;
Remain unchanging in my fervent regard for the path of desire;
Never toss away the two types of sealing partners;
Put my effort primarily into the outer and inner methods;
Never emit kunda, my white jasmine flower;
Commit myself to chaste behavior that is fastidiously first;
And rid myself of nausea when imbibing of expanding heart.

I shall not transgress, even in my dreams,
The most minor training of what has been clearly proscribed
For liberation, expanding my heart and keeping a diamond-strong
   vehicle of mind.
I shall practice exactly in accord with the triumphant one's
   enlightening words.

I shall well uphold the triumphant one's exact intentions,
All the verbal and realized hallowed measures, without exception,
That are gathered into three vehicles of mind
   and four classes of streams;
And with the methods, as best as I can, totally liberate wandering beings.


Through the force of the noble, constructive potential coming from this,
May I never transgress, throughout all my lives, the bounds
Of what the Powerful Holder of the Diamond-Strong has proscribed,
And may I reach the endpoint of the stages of the two-leveled path.

In short, through whatever bountiful store of noble,
   constructive potential
I have built up through such acts as this as example,
May I quickly be born in Shambhala, the Treasury of Gems,
And reach the endpoint of the stages of the peerless path.

Throughout all my lives may I never be parted
   from perfect sublime teachers,
May I make joyful use of the all-around perfection
   of the preventive measures,
And becoming fully proficient with the complete good qualities
   of the levels and actual paths of the mind,
May I quickly achieve the highest level
     of a holder of everything diamond-strong.

[If reciting 6x each day in the manner of 3x each morning and 3x each
evening, recite as follows:
A1 (3x), A2-3, A4 (3x), A5-7, A8 , A9-14;
A1-6, A8, A10-14;
A1-6, A8, A10-14;
B2-4, B11-12;
B2-4, B11-12;