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An Abbreviated Integrating Practice in Six Sessions

(1985 Translation)

(Thun-drug-gi rnal-'byor bsdus-pa)
by Ngulchu Jeydrung (dNgul-chu rJe-drung, Blo-bzang bstan-'dzin)

translated by Alexander Berzin, 1985

From my heart I take safe direction from the three supreme gems.
I shall free from their torments all wandering beings
   and ground them in a continual bliss.
For that purpose, in order to attain total purification,
I expand my heart out
And shall train in the expanding behavior of the spiritual offspring
   of the triumphant ones.

In the sky before me, on a throne, lotus, sun and moon,
   sits my root sublime teacher, Vajradhara,
Holder of the Diamond-Strong, ruler of the all-pervasive,
With an enlightening blue-colored body, holding scepter and bell,
Embracing a Lady with a Wealth of the Sphere, and sporting with
   a co-arising blissful awareness.

The three spots of your body
Are marked with three letters.
The light from the HUNG invites here those of deep awareness:
You become of one taste.

I prostrate at your lotus-feet, O Possessor of the Diamond-Strong,
And present you with an ocean of clouds of outer, inner
   and enigmatic offerings,
As well as present you with the Totally Excellent One's peerless offerings,
With a core mountain, continents, jewels, treasure vase,
   a sun and a moon.

Every supreme and mundane attainment follows upon
Pure heartfelt commitment to you, guiding light.
Seeing this, I forsake my body and even my life;
Inspire me to practice what only will please you.

Requested in this way, my sublime teacher comes
   to the crown of my head.
Dissolving into me, we become inseparably of one taste.
Now as a Vajrasattva, a Spiritual Hero with Diamond-Strong Mind,
   holding scepter and bell,
I embrace a Lady Who Overcame and Gained All,
And sport with co-arising bliss.

Without sense of loss, I send forth to my mothers my home, my body,
   whatever I enjoy,
And my store of constructive potential built up
   throughout the three times.

I shall not transgress, even at the cost of my life,
The bounds of any of the three sets of proscriptions.
For liberation, expanding my heart and for enigmatically protecting my mind.
I shall well uphold the verbal and realized measures
     gathered into three vehicles of mind and four classes of streams;
And with the methods, totally liberate wandering beings.

I dedicate this constructive act so that the deeds and prayers
   of the blissfully progressed and their spiritual offspring,
   of the three times,
Be fulfilled and the hallowed measures be upheld.
By the inspiration of the three supreme gems
   and the force of unerring dependent-arising,
May my good prayers be granted so that I quickly attain a clear evolved state.