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Praise to the Intelligent One
(Manjushri Prayer, Gang-loma)

(Gang blo-ma)

translated by Alexander Berzin
May 2001

I prostrate before my guru and guardian,
The ennobling, impeccable Manjushri.

Your intelligence shines forth like the sun,
Free from the clouds of the two obscurations,
Enabling you to see the extent of all things and how they exist:
Thus, you hold a scriptural text to your heart.

Your affection for all of us masses who wander,
   plagued with problems,
Groping in the darkness of ignorance
In the dungeons of our compulsive existence
Is like that for your only child:
Thus, your speech is melodious with sixty facets.

Its thunderous roar arouses us from the stupor
   of our disturbing emotions,
Frees us from the iron chains of our karma,
Dispels the gloom of our lack of awareness,
And slashes our problems wherever they sprout:
Thus, you brandish a sword.

Pure from the core and having traversed the ten bhumis,
Your set of enlightening qualities is complete:
Thus, as a spiritual son of the Triumphant Ones,
Your body is bedecked with the enlightening adornments,
   ten times ten, plus twelve.

Please remove the darkness from my mind.
   O Manjushri, I bow down to you.

OM-A-RA-PA-TSA-NA-DHIH [repeat many times.]

DHIH-DHIH, DHIH-DHIH, DHIH-DHIH [repeat many times.]

Affectionate one, with light-rays of your supreme omniscience
Clear the darkness of naivety from my mind.

Direct me, please, so that confident intelligence emerges within
To comprehend fully the classic texts
   of Buddha's words and the treatises on them.