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The Three Practices To Be Done Continually

(rGyun-‘chags gsum-pa)

translated by Alexander Berzin
November 2009

Continual Praise and Prostration

To You Who Indicate (the Dharma),
Vanquishing Master Surpassing All,
Thusly Gone One, Liberated One,
Perfect, Fully Enlightened Buddha,
One Endowed with Knowledge and Footing,
Blissfully Gone, the One Omnisciently Knowing the World,
The One Controlling the Reins for Taming Beings,
The One Who Indicates for the Peerless Gods and Humans,
To the Buddha, Vanquishing Master Surpassing All,
Glorious, Triumphant Shakyamuni, I make prostration;
I present you offerings and take safe direction from you.

When you, O Chief of Bipeds, were born,
You took seven steps on this great earth and proclaimed,
“I am supreme in this world.”
To you who already were learned and wise at that time,
I make prostration.

Possessing a totally pure, enlightening body,
A supremely excellent form,
Like a sea of deep awareness and a golden Mount Meru,
Your fame lofty throughout the three worlds,
To you who’ve attained the state of a Guardian Supreme,
I make prostration.

Endowed with the supreme (excellent) signs,
   a face like a stainless moon,
To you with a color resembling gold, I make prostration.
Parted from dust, the three realms cannot compare to you,
To you with unequalled omniscience, I make prostration.

Guardian possessing great compassion,
One Who Indicates, with knowledge of everything,
Field for an ocean of positive force and good qualities,
To you, O Thusly Gone One, I make prostration.

Through being pure, it brought about
    being parted from attachment.
Through being constructive, it brought about
    being freed from the worse rebirth states
And the uniquely supreme ultimate stage,
To the Dharma, which brought about
    being serenely stilled, I make prostration.

You who, having been freed, indicate further
   the pathway minds for liberation,
Securely established in the pure (higher) trainings,
Hallowed field, endowed with good qualities,
To the Sangha as well, I make prostration.

Continual Recitation from the Sutras

Commit not anything negative at all,
Splendidly enact whatever is constructive,
Fully subdue your own mind,
These are the teachings of Buddha.

Like the stars, a blur, or a torch,
An illusion, drops of dew, or a bubble,
A dream, flash of lightning, or clouds,
Regard affected phenomena to be like that.

Continual Dedication

By this positive force, once I’ve attained
The topmost achievement of all-seeing omniscience
    And subdued the enemy, all my shortcomings,
May I free from the sea of their compulsive existence
All wandering beings, tossed by the waves
of old age, sickness, and death.