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Prayer for the Teachings to Flow in the West

by Yongdzin Ling Rinpoche (Yongs-'dzin Gling Rinpoche
Thub-bstan lung-rtogs rnam-rgyal 'phrin-las

translated by Alexander Berzin
September 2001

By the force of inspiration from the unfailing Three Supreme Gems
And of the truth of our taking universal responsibility,
May the precious Buddhist teachings flow and flourish
In all lands throughout the length and breadth of the West.

For all people living there, together with their near ones,
Who engage in the teachings, with confidence and respect,
May all hindrances to their pure Dharma practice disperse
And an excellent network of favorable conditions
   grow like the waxing moon.

And especially for those who work on the means
To bring about the flow and flourishing
   of the Triumphant One's teachings,
   the spring of all benefit and joy,
May they never be oppressed by the hordes
   of interference and adverse conditions
And may this spontaneously happen just as we have hoped and wished.