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Course: Letter to a Friend

by Nagarjuna

taught by Alexander Berzin,
Berlin, Germany, February 07, 2006 – October 23, 2007

Course Information

Letter to a Friend (bShes-pa’i springs-yig, Skt. Suhrllekha), by the Indian master Nagarjuna, is the earliest overview of the major points of the Mahayana sutras. The teachings presented in it are in the form of a letter to Nagarjuna’s friend, the King. They were later reorganized and expanded in Tibet into the lam-rim literature on the graded stages of the path to enlightenment.

Here, we present the unedited recordings of the weekly classes on the text, taught by Dr. Alexander Berzin in Berlin, Germany. Skipped weeks indicate classes that were canceled. Unfortunately, a short portion of the class held on 31 October 2006 is missing.

The course ended on 23 October 2007. We ask the listener’s patience with the varying quality of the recordings.