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Work in Progress

Alexander Berzin

ArchivedWork in Progress Reports

Between 2007 and 2014 we published regular work in progress reports listing all new material that we published on the website. In order to reduce the amount of administrative work and focus more on the actual creation of content and the modernization of the Berzin Archives we have decided to discontinue the creation of new work in progress reports.

Below you can access archived versions of all previous reports.

Previous Quarterly Reports of Work in Progress

Fourth Quarter 2014

Third Quarter 2014

Second Quarter 2014

First Quarter 2014

Fourth Quarter 2013

Third Quarter 2013

Second Quarter 2013

First Quarter 2013

Fourth Quarter 2012

Third Quarter 2012

Second Quarter 2012

First Quarter 2012

Fourth Quarter 2011

Third Quarter 2011

Second Quarter 2011

First Quarter 2011

Fourth Quarter 2010

Third Quarter 2010

Second Quarter 2010

First Quarter 2010

Fourth Quarter 2009

Third Quarter 2009

Second Quarter 2009

First Quarter 2009

Fourth Quarter 2008

Third Quarter 2008

SecondQuarter 2008

First Quarter 2008

Fourth Quarter 2007