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Urgent Needs

Technical Help Needed

Since a website is a technical project, one of our greatest needs is to find more technically experienced people who are willing to offer long-term help for our project.

If you have experience in one of the areas outlined below and would be interested to become a long-term member of our team, then please contact us.

1. Language Section Coordinators

We are looking for language section coordinators. Each language requires at least one language section coordinator, who would need to be a native speaker of that language with the ability to also communicate clearly in English.

The role of a language section coordinator encompasses an administrative and a technical part. These two aspects could also be performed by two individual persons per language.

1a. Administrative Language Section Coordinator

An administrative language section coordinator will work with translators and editors to make sure that they can work together effectively.

The tasks of an administrative language section coordinator are:

  • Communicating with translators and editors of the language team and coordinating the flow of work among them

  • Helping new translators and editors to become integrated into the language team

  • Assigning new tasks to translators (based on a priority-list which we will provide)

  • Receiving finished translations and storing them in our central file system

  • Tracking and clearly documenting the current task assignments and work progress of translators and editors

  • Creating internal documentation for translators and editors of the language team, where necessary

  • Working with the technical language coordinator and notifying him or her about new content that is ready to go online

To fulfill these tasks, the person responsible would communicate through email as well as through our internal online discussion forum, manage documents on our central server-based file system and write documentation in our Wiki-based intranet site.

1b. Technical Language Section Coordinator

A technical language section coordinator will receive translated content and, in some cases, edited audio files and will add them to the website. This task is mainly performed by working with our browser-based content management system (CMS, we work with OpenCms,

Required qualifications and qualities:

  • General ability to think technically

  • Knowledge about standards-compliant XHTML and CSS and willingness to edit HTML code from time to time (Most content can be edited by using the visual editor of our CMS, but there are also always some cases where additional source code adjustments are required)

  • Interest or even some background knowledge concerning web accessibility

A technical language section coordinator adds all initial content for a new language section into our CMS. Documentation for this process is available and the process would be supervised. Then, after the new language section has gone live, he or she will add new translations to the CMS, as they become available from the translation team.

Training and assisting new language section coordinators is currently a bottleneck for adding new language sections. Therefore, it would be important that after having gained sufficient experience, a coordinator is willing to train, assist and supervise untrained technical coordinators of other new language sections. In this way, we can spread knowledge and expertise more broadly and efficiently, allowing for more language sections to be added.