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Remaining Work

Of the currently online 915 English articles, approximately 47.1% has been translated into German,  40.9% into Russian, 27.0% into Spanish, 19.1% into Chinese, 18.0% into Portuguese, 17.5% into Arabic, 13.9% into Urdu, 13.2% into Polish, 11.5% into French, 10.6% into Indonesian, 6.9% into Italian, 6.0% into Turkish, and 4.7% into Vietnamese. Preparation is well under way for the Tibetan and Mongolian sections.

We are currently in the process of making available unedited transcripts of our more than 700 English audio files. We have also begun editing these transcripts, which would allow for them to be translated into the other languages of the web site.

In order to complete this enormous task, more helpers are needed to:

  • help with website development and maintainance: please see our urgent needs page
  • type scanned documents from graphic files (mostly handwritten English) and proofread them
  • edit: grammatically edit, divide into sections, and add section titles for English material
  • translate materials from English into the other languages in which work has already begun (see above); other languages would be welcomed
  • edit translations from English into the other languages
  • glossaries: compile glossaries, with definitions, of Tibetan and English technical terms and of translation terms for them in the various languages
  • transcribe MP3 files of lectures in English
  • slightly edit MP3 files of lectures and, when multilingual, separate the original English or Tibetan teachings from the consecutive translations

The main material on which work has only barely begun includes:

  • handwritten notes from one-year courses by Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey and Geshe Sonam Rinchen on the major texts studied for the Geshe degree
  • handwritten reading notes on approximately a thousand works on Central Asian and Buddhist history

We follow the Buddhist tradition of making the Dharma (the teachings) available for all, free of charge.

Please help to make the materials of the Berzin Archives accessible to the public, free of charge. Completion of the project requires additional workers and ongoing funding. Whatever help you can give, may it be skills or any donation, will be greatly appreciated. Please consider contributing: 

Finance                  Skills


For further information, please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in the Berzin Archives!