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English Glossary of Buddhist Terms

This glossary is only a partial list of technical terms found on the pages of the website. From time to time, as work progresses on the glossary project, new terms will be added to the list. Sanskrit equivalents for Tibetan terms have been provided only for select terms and all diacritical marks for transliterated Sanskrit have been omitted, for ease of display on all browsers.

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EnglishDefinitionTibetan / Sanskrit
jasmine flower drops

Drops of white bodhichitta; drops of subtle creative energy.

J. Hopkins' translation: "kunda; kunda [transliteration of Sanskrit word for jasmine]; jasmine."

Tib: kun-da
Skt: kunda

A disturbing emotion that focuses on other peoples' accomplishments – such as their good qualities, possessions, or success – and is the inability to bear their accomplishments, due to excessive attachment to one's own gain or to the respect one receives. Also translated as "envy."

Tib: phrag-dog
Skt: irshya

See: subsequent permission


See: deep awareness Dharmakaya


See: sealing partner for deep awareness

joined inseparability

The relationship between two items that do not naturally occur simultaneously and inseparably, but are made to do so through the power of meditation. Once the attainments of both are joined, then whenever one is the case or is occurring, so is the other.

Tib: sbyor-bcas dbyer-med
joined pair

A pair of items, joined inseparably, in which the initial attainment of one of the items occurs before the initial attainment of the other.

J. Hopkins' translation: "[two-connect]; noun: unification; union verb: unify; unite."

Tib: zung-'brel

See: joyful awareness

joyful perseverance

(1) In Mahayana, the mental urge that leads one to have zestful vigor for being constructive, without becoming lazy. With this mental factors, one takes joy in being constructive. When conjoined with a bodhichitta aim, it becomes a far-reaching attitude. (2) For Theravada, see: "perseverance."

J. Hopkins' translation: "effort."

Tib: brtson-'grus
Skt: virya
joyful perseverance, armor-like

See: armor-like joyful perseverance

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