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English Glossary of Buddhist Terms

This glossary is only a partial list of technical terms found on the pages of the website. From time to time, as work progresses on the glossary project, new terms will be added to the list. Sanskrit equivalents for Tibetan terms have been provided only for select terms and all diacritical marks for transliterated Sanskrit have been omitted, for ease of display on all browsers.

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EnglishDefinitionTibetan / Sanskrit

Another name for the Chittamatra school of Indian Buddhism.

J. Hopkins' translation: "Yogāchāra."

Tib: rNal-'byor spyod-pa

According to Gelug, a subdivision of the Svatantrika Madhyamaka tenet system that does not assert extermal phenomena, but which does assert reflexive awareness.

J. Hopkins' translation: "YogAcara-SvAtantrika-MAdhyamika; Yogic Autonomy Middle Way School."

Tib: rNal-'byor spyod-pa'i dbu-ma rang-rgyud-pa

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