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Englisches Glossar Buddhistischer Fachbegriffe

Dieses Glossar enthält bislang nur einen Teil der Fachbegriffe, die auf unserer Webseite verwendet werden. Mit weiterem Fortschreiten der Arbeit am Glossar werden wir weitere Begriffe hinzufügen. Die Definitionen liegen bislang noch nicht in der deutschen Übersetzung vor, wir haben daher in diese Fassung des Glossars die englischen Definitionen aufgenommen.

Wählen Sie einen der folgenden Buchstaben. Es werden dann alle Glossareinträge mit diesem Anfangsbuchstaben angezeigt:

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EnglischDeutschDefinition (Teilweise Englisch)Tibetisch / Sanskrit
GelugGelugOne of the New Translation traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, deriving from the reforms made by Tsongkhapa.Tib: dGe-lugs
general awarenessallgemeines GewahrseinIn the Karma Kagyu system, the aspect of mental activity that gives rise to and is aware of the appearing (the arising in general) of an awareness of an object and an object that one is aware of. In a looser sense, awareness of the general features of an entire sensory or mental field that one cognizes, so that one gets an overview.Tib: yid
generalityAllgemeinheitSee: conceptual category
generation stageErzeugungsstufeThe first stage of anuttarayoga practice, during which one uses the powers of imagination to generate oneself in the form of a Buddha-figure and performs a sadhana.Tib: bskyed-rim
generosityGroßzügigkeit(1) In Theravada, the mental factor of wishing to give material things to all beings, so that they may be happy, without investigating whether or not they are worthy to receive them. (2) In Mahayana, the mental urge that leads one to wish to give to others all that is one's own – one's body, material wealth, and the roots of one's constructive actions. When conjoined with a bodhichitta aim, it becomes a far-reaching attitude. Also translated as "giving."Tib: sbyin-pa
Skt: dana
gesheGeshe(1) In the Kadam tradition, a title given to a spiritual mentor and friend, especially those that are masters of attitude-training (lojong). (2) In the Gelug tradition, a title given to those who have completed the monastic education system.Tib: dge-bshes
Skt: kalyanamitra
giving and takingGeben und NehmenWith love, giving one's happiness to others, and with compassion, taking on their suffering. Often practiced with visualizations and in coordination with the breath, this is a practice done in conjunction with exchanging one's attitudes about self with others. Often called by the Tibetan term "tonglen."
giving rise toEntstehenlassenSee: making arise
giving rise to appearancesErscheinenlassenSee: appearance-making
go for refuge to the Three GemsZuflucht zu den Drei Juwelen nehmenSee: take safe direction from the Three Gems
golden libationgoldenes Trankopfer(1) An offering of a liquid, most commonly alcohol, made usually to a Dharma protector and ideally offered in a golden bowl. (2) The ritual that accompanies this offering.Tib: gser-skyems
good qualitiesgute EigenschaftenHelpful aspects or beneficial talents of a person that are corrections of inadequacies.Tib: yon-tan
Skt: guna
gorges, dangerousAbgründe, gefährlicheSee: dangerous gorges
grasping for truly established existenceGreifen nach wahrer Existenz(1) Both to cognize (literally, take as a cognitive object) the appearance of the world as having truly established existence, which the habits of this grasping cause the mind to fabricate and project, as well as believing this deceptive appearance to correspond to how things actually exist, (2) simply cognizing the appearance of the world as having truly established existence, without actually believing this deceptive appearance to correspond to how things actually exist. Gelug asserts both definitions, while non-Gelug asserts only the first. Abbreviated as "grasping for true existence."Tib: bden-'dzin
Skt: satyagraha
great approximation retreatgroßes AnnäherungsretreatA three-year, three-month retreat focusing exclusively on one Buddha-figure (deity) system, in which one recites tens of millions of mantras and makes millions of offerings in fire pujas.Tib: bsnyen-chen
great compassiongroßes MitgefühlGroßes Mitgefühl bezeichnet den Wunsch, das jedes Wesen frei sein möge vom Leiden und den Ursachen des Leidens. Tib: snying-rje chen-po
Skt: mahakaruna
great completenessgroße VollendungSee: dzogchen
Greater Vehiclegroßes FahrzeugSee: Mahayana
great lovegroße LiebeThe wish for everyone to be happy and to have the causes for happiness.Tib: byams-pa chen-po
Skt: mahamaitri
great sealgroßes SiegelSee: mahamudra
gross detectiongrobes FeststellenThe subsidiary awareness (mental factor) that investigates something roughly, such as detecting if there are mistakes on a page. According to Asanga, one of the four changeable subsidiary awarenesses. Also translated as "investigation."Tib: rtog-pa
gross impermanencegrobe UnbeständigkeitThe final destruction or disintegration of a nonstatic phenomenon.Tib: mi-rtag-pa rags-pa
guideline instructionsrichtungsweisende AnleitungenBeneficial practical advice concerning spiritual practice.Tib: gdams-ngag
guru-devotionHingabe zum GuruSee: relating to a spiritual mentor in a healthy manner

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